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Over the past ten plus years, many of my art commissions have been what I call personalized paintings. With these pieces, people have the opportunity to share their story. I begin by interviewing the client to try to find out who they really are. I want these pieces to go beyond placing their name on a bottle of wine or a building. I want to share their beliefs, passions, their story. My goal for these personalized pieces is to give my clients a truly unique piece of themselves. I want the piece to reflect who they are. At the same time, I want to be able to take something valuable away from the process that I can apply to my life. To me, my work goes beyond wine. It reflects friendships, moments shared, appreciation ... The Good Life.


Below is my next piece in progress for Scottsdale FIne Art. 60x48 Oil tentatively titled "The Competition". Largest wine painting to date.