As a professional painter, the process goes beyond just a picture, I am thrilled to see the blank white canvas, it holds the power of possibility, the opportunity to learn something new. Squeezing out the paint onto a well used pallet sends me to my own world. The smell of the oil in the paint awakens my senses much like the first day we open the window to the arrival of spring. The music in my studio fades to the background and the creamy paints flows in unison with the brushstrokes, alluring me further into the canvas. Distractions disapear and I become lost in time with the whole experience as day turns quickly to night. This is not a job, it is a passion.

I am often asked the same two questions. First, what is it like to be able to paint that well and secondly what is my favorite or the best painting I have have ever created. My answer, it is agrivating, frustrating and extremely rewarding. This is not an overnight ordeal. I have been working at this most of my life, over 30 years. When I look at my work I see the years of dedication, accomplishment and how I still need to get better. In regards to my favorite or best work, that is simple, it will always be...the next painting.